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unshorten.xyz is a service to "un-shorten" (resolve) links that have been created by URL shortening services (e.g. bit.ly).
We resolve shortlinks to the original URLs they were created from. You can paste multiple (newline separated) shortlinks into the textarea above and we will resolve all of them in one go.

The plain output will give you the unshortened URLs as plain text so you can quickly copy & paste them to continue your work.

The tabular output gives you a more structured list putting short URL and unshortened URL next to each other.


A friend had the need to resolve multiple short URLs taken from Excel files. Existing URL unshortening websites didn't offer to resolve multiple links in one go. So pasting and unshortening each link at a time was quite tedious.

Some services offer APIs which can be called from the command line or from program code. But sometimes it's just convenient to open another browser tab and go to a website that does what you need.

We like to build small useful tools that make everyday tasks easier. So we built this website where you can just paste a batch of short URLs and let them resolve for you. We hope you find it useful.
If you have some suggestions, please let us know on the Contact page.


unshorten.xyz resolves shortlinks to their original URL just like your browser would do, following all the redirects along the way. But...
  • you don't pollute your browser history
  • you avoid unwanted tracking cookies and popups
  • you know which site you will be visiting before clicking the link, and therefore...
  • you avoid opening a potentially unsafe site that doesn't respect your privacy or may harm your computer
  • and you can resolve multiple shortlinks at once

Our website is responsive, so you can use it from any sort of devices.
We resolve URLs from all shortening services, so you don't need to bother where your shortlinks were created. If some of your short URLs are not resolved properly, please let us know so we can improve our service.